singin in the rain

my birthday is in july. however, my aunt is the spectacular kind and waited until today to give me my birthday present. it began with my cousin, trey, and his girlfriend, katy, picking me up after a long, hard clinical day. i was not told where we were going and after a few wrong turns and a flip of the hazard signs switch, we pulled over and trey told us we were supposed to be somewhere called “cheekwood.” (side note: i live about 15 minutes from cheekwood and we had driven about 30 minutes in the opposite direction). we finally arrived at cheekwood, a place i have loved dearly since my move to this great city four years ago. it is a botanical garden and art museum built on an old estate and mansion and every now and then they have great art installations that take over the entire property. the past couple weeks there has been an installation by bruce munro called “lights at cheekwood.” when we arrived, it was raining. and by the time we left, it was pouring.

but there’s something about rain that fills my heart. i love the tickle of the drops on my arms. i love pretending i’m a ballerina and twirling and leaping into puddles. most of all, i love singing “singin in the rain” while i’m getting soaked to the bone.

i believe that choosing to see the good stuff in life is the only way to enjoy it. so i chose to forget about how long it finally took us to get there. i chose to disregard my emotionally taxing day at clinical. i chose to love the rain. so thank you, my dear aunt and cousins, for a wonderful gift in the beautiful rain and art museum. y’all really know how to get on this girl’s good side.

[ a view of some of the lights and the mansion. this really doesn’t do it any justice. ]

[ trey and katy pre-torrential downpour ]

[ a silhouette ]



[ one of the indoor art installations was all about the concept of love. in one room, there were buttons that had quotes about the different aspects of love and each viewer was prompted to “take what you need.” ]

[ a soaked amanda at the end of the night… ]

have a happy weekend! choose to see the good stuff.


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