top five

lately, kayla and i have been playing a new game. i guess you could say we made it up. it happened one day at the table in the dining room (don’t all great things happen at the dinner table?). it’s called “top five.” basically, it consists of us guessing what the other’s top five favorite things are: artists, places we want to visit, etc. below are some pictures to represent our top five favorite artists. can you guess who’s top five they are?

first set of top five:



second set of top five:

new mumford new ellie new imagine  fall out boy  monsters

if you guessed that the first set is amanda’s and the second set is kayla’s, then you must know us pretty well.



autumn inspiration

around here, we love fall weather. and the Lord blessed us with some beautiful fall weather last weekend which put me in a mood. not just any mood. an autumn mood. so i have decided to share some autumn inspiration with y’all to get pumped for the season to come.

Pumpkin spice latte syrup recipe

a delicious psl syrup found over on

Baby Frida! Little artist costumes via @Jordan Ferney #Halloween

an adorable baby frida kahlo for halloween pinned by etsy

Ombré Cowl Scarf in Orchid

a beaufiul ombre cowl scarf in orchid, just in time for the late september/early october chill

Merino leather-pocket sweater

autumn brings new textures and i am head-over-heals with this jcrew leather-pocket sweater

happy autumn inspiration!