walmart after dark

tonight, we went grocery shopping. that’s right. tonight.


walmart is an interesting place to begin with but if you want to see the real action, you gotta go at night. we went for fruit and came out with lots more than fruit. but isn’t that how it always works?

there’s certainly perks to going out at night. the moon was incredibly beautiful. and the sister bonding was quite beautiful too. 😉




liberty hill farm

today, kayla and i went to liberty hill farm. kayla works there a few days a week and i went to watch her ride. there is nothing more encouraging than watching someone be in their element. and when kayla is riding, she most certainly is in hers.

image IMG_1633

kayla rode skip today and, though i don’t know much about horses, thought she did quite well.

image   20130818-194007.jpg

^^proof that i was there too!

hope you had a spectacular sunday!

the start of it all

i [amanda] follow blogs regularly. so this undertaking of creating our own blog is something really exciting for me. this is going to be a place where we [both amanda and kayla] share happenings in our lives, recipes, fashion inspiration, diy projects, etc. we don’t expect to become well known because of this blog (i mean, let’s be honest, mom, you are probably the only one reading this right now). however, we are not concerned with popularity. rather, we simply want to take part in the wonderful world of blogging. and here we go…