DIY tea cart

lately, i’ve been perusing pinterest and have found myself to be all about the bar carts. i especially have been loving this awesome cart, this colorful cart, and this bar cart from i knew i wanted one in our apartment, but there were a few problems. first, i’m the only one the drinks alcohol and i don’t drink it enough to require a cart designated for alcohol storage. second, i couldn’t find one that i liked enough to buy online or in stores. enter in goodwill.

this past week, kayla and i were at goodwill shopping for halloween costumes and i came across this cart for $9.99:



i immediately knew it was the cart for us. it was rusty and had cobwebs all over, but i saw it had some good bones and loved its industrial feel. problem solved. that only left the problem of not really needing a bar cart. enter in a tea cart.

i drink tea like it’s my job. i love every flavor but my favorites are peppermint herbal and english breakfast. an idea popped in my head as i was scanning the cart over in goodwill and i decided to go with it: a diy tea cart! so i bought it, stuffed it in kayla’s car and took it home to give it some tlc. i went with some rust-oleum enamel spray paint in a moss green and gave the cart a quick few coats and viola! a beautiful new cart:




after it dried, i stocked the cart with my different tea flavors, some honey and sweetener, lemons, some tea mugs, and some other random items to spruce up the visual appeal of the cart. it now sits in our dining room and i am absolutely in love!